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Time to Find Out What's Inside a Giant Pumpkin

03 November 2018  

It’s a big, gi-normous pumpkin. And Ken Lain is cutting it open today!

 Ever wonder what's inside a GIANT pumpkin?  There are rumors of super slim, double thick walls and thousands upon thousands of seeds inside.  The second largest pumpkin in the state of Arizona is on display here at Watters Garden Center.  

On November 3rd at 11:00 a.m. we will slice and dice this big boy to discover its Contents of Horrors! Every attendee receives one of the seeds, and the rest will be grown for next spring's garden customers to plant.  Join us and be part of the fun!

Watters Garden Center is a locally owned and operated garden center that specializes in providing avid gardeners and novices alike with the expertise and products to get things growing in the mountains of Arizona.

Ken Lain, the Mountain Gardener

Ken Lain is attracted to sunshine, beauty, happiness, success and health through gardening, and wishes to point the way to others. Throughout the week Ken can be found at Watters Garden Center located at 1815 W. Iron Springs Rd, Prescott, or contacted through his web site at