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The Great Ladybug Release

08 April 2017  

Set your reminders now. At 2 PM on both Saturday and Sunday, Watters will hold their Great Ladybug Release.

Over 150 people were at Watters Garden Center on Friday, to join in the first of 3 LadyBug Release events this weekend. In case you missed it, no worries, there will be more release parties at 2 PM on Saturday (today) and one more on Sunday (tomorrow).

“Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home…”

We all chanted that nursery rhyme as children when a ladybug would either land on us or on a nearby plant. But, at Watters Garden Center, the rhyme should be, “Ladybug, ladybug, come on home…”

Watters is happily making the ladybugs welcome amongst their plants and flowers. A little tiny ladybug can eat 5000 aphids in it’s lifetime, so it’s a natural, non-chemical form of pest control for gardens. And Watters has lots of containers of ladybugs to hand out so that people can help turn them loose.

Ok, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Here are some ladybug facts that you can use to astonish your friends and family:

  • Ladybugs are actually beetles, not really bugs.
  • They are unique in that their forewings have modified into a hardened cover to protect the insect.
  • Ladybugs are aphid predators, but they also like other soft-bodied insects and insect eggs. A lot of what ladybugs eat are considered to be agricultural pests.
  • Scientists have introduced non-native ladybugs to the United States in some areas.
  • Birds don’t typically like to eat ladybugs.
  • There are over 500 identified species of ladybugs.
  • Ladybug eggs hatch in just 3-10 days (depending on temperature.)
  • An adult ladybug can live up to one year after a 15 day pupal stage.

(Information from “All About Ladybugs” at

The event is free and open to the public. It’s also a great opportunity for kids to have a hands-on experience with one of our favorite insects. Watters will match all donations; proceeds given to the Lost Ladybug Project.

Ladybugs are available for sale at Watters for your own gardens.

If you go:

What: The Great Ladybug Release
Where: Watters Garden Center, 1815 W. Iron Springs Road, Prescott, AZ 86305
When: Saturday and Sunday (April 8,9)
Time: 2 PM
Cost: Free
Donations: Accepted and matched by Watters. Proceeds given to the Lost Ladybug Project.


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