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Cut & Live Christmas Trees Available at Watters

30 November 2015   Lynne LaMaster

One of the most important considerations when choosing a Christmas tree is the freshness.

If it’s not fresh, not only will the needles brown quickly and fall off, but it can be a fire hazard, too.

“We suggest people have a fresh-cut tree as opposed to one from a lot, keep it watered, and keep it away from heaters and open flame,” said Everett Fire Marshal Rick Robinson, in the website.

Some people bring home trees in mid-November, or as early as Halloween. If they are purchased at a lot, the trees may have been cut much earlier.

The longer a tree has been cut, the greater the fire hazard, Robinson said.

Have no fears. Mountain Gardener Ken Lain promises, "You will find the freshest Christmas Trees out side of the National Forest at Watters Garden Center."

And just to help you out, we’ve made arrangements to bring a special discount to our readers. Just head over to Watters Garden Center and show them this coupon. (You can even show them on your phone.)