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Plant of the Week: Camellias, Mums, Maple and Red Wall Creeper

18 October 2014  

If you're looking for great autumn plants, have we got some deals for you.

Red Wall CreeperParthenocissus quinquefolia 


It's said, 'Good fences make good neighbors', but fences can be downright ugly.  This rich green climber turning fire engine red through October with blue fruit accents.  Very fast growing and when planted at 8' intervals covers a boring fence within a season or two.




Springs Promise CamelliaCamellia japonica

The only mountain hardy camellia and in very limited supply. Be the only gardener in the club that owns this cold hard specie. The dark evergreen foliage produce ginormous spring flowers that swallow the plant. A big bold blooming evergreen.





Spicy Cheryl Mums,Chrysanthemum morifolium  

This deep two-toned orange mum blooms longer locally. Low maintenance, vigorous, winter hardy are just a few of the outstanding traits of this larger than life mums. Mix & match with the 'Cheryl Jolly Red' variety for an equally dramatic autumn show.  



Prescott Blaze Maple,Acer x freemanii 

The fall colors glow like embers in a blazing hot fire.  This maple grows fast, loves our soil, extreme conditions and takes our wind better than others. Perfect for patios, hot sunny walls, driveways or anyplace shaded is needed. This big bold tree is locally grown and a lot of color for the money





Ken Lain, the Garden Guy

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