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Listen Up! Science & Nerd Glasses

16 November 2018  

It’s all about science, baby.

This week we have decided to blind you with science. We have selected a group of Podcasts that will keep you up with the latest and let you know how we got here. So put on your nerd glasses and pocket protectors, here we go.

American Innovations

Here is where to connect with the story of science. Wondery brings us a history of science podcast like no other. Each week tells  a new story of just how a major discovery has changed our world. Hosted by the bestselling author of eleven books, author Steven Johnson is an expert on the history of ideas and inventions. He has been  called “one of the most persuasive advocates for the role of collaboration in innovation.” Johnson's books include Where Good Ideas Come From, The Ghost Map, and Wonderland. He is also the host and co-creator of the Emmy-winning PBS series, How We Got To Now. His latest new book is, Farsighted: How We Make The Decisions That Matter The Most. An innovator himself, Steven also co-created one of the first online magazines, FEED, and the hyperlocal media site,

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The Invisible Network

We could just fill up this article with NASA Podcasts, there is such a wide variety on ready for your browsing. The Invisible Network is the latest, and now has six episodes ready for binge listening. Each feature has stories of a golden age in space exploration and a renaissance of space science and technology. Every day, NASA sends trillions upon trillions of bits of data to Earth, unraveling long-held mysteries about the universe, our solar system, and even our own planet. But what makes it all possible? Now there is a podcast revealing these invisible networks, giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the feats of engineering that make possible humanity's ambitions among the stars.

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The History of The Earth Podcast

Hosted by Richard Gibson, this Geology Podcast is educational and intended for interested non-geologists. A simple overview of earth history distilled into 366 short snapshots, designed for every day on the  calendar. It may take a little listening to get the vibe, but there is a lot of information here, so give it a little time. After all we are starting at the dawn of creation.


Available at iTunes, Podbean, Player FM, Learn Out Loud, History of the Earth  


The Palaeocast

If your  interested in history of life in the world that stretches back to the beginning of life on earth, then you can listen into the Palaeocast.   With a team of six hosts and made possible by grants from the Paleontological Society and the Palaeontological Association, The Palaeocast, launched in 2012, exploring the fossil record and the evolution of life on earth. The Palaeocast palaeontology podcast is the primary focus, but also they produce videos, report on new stories and record and live-stream conferences. Letting experts tell the story of their own research. The hosts work closely with contributors, so no aspect of their science is inaccurate. Ensuring the highest quality information is presented. the Palaeocast goal is to become the world’s first choice for accurate and engaging palaeontological information.

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60 Second Science

Join host Christopher Intagliata for a minute, literally. To find out about Panda mating songs, or the sounds that fish make in the Amazon,  or even brief news briefs. It's all packed into short nuggets that you can digest, and learn more about the world around, or even inside you. Sponsored by pre-eminent  science journal, Scientific American, this is just the thing to fit into your busy Podcast schedule.

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