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Listen Up! Baseball Podcasts

02 October 2018  

It’s fall. It’s baseball season. And yes, there are podcasts for baseball fans.

It's officially fall, which means that real baseball fans begin to pay rapt attention to the game as the regular season ends, and the play offs lead up to the World Series. We have sifted through a host of podcasts and have found a group that will draw you into America's Pastime, and make you another Mr., or Ms. October. (Just kidding, there is only one Reggie Jackson). 

The Podcast with Joe Posnanski

Co-hosted by creator of The Good Place, Michael Schur, the poscast as it is known to its fans, motto is sports, drafts and nonsense with Joe Posnanski. Among Joe Posnanskis many jobs, he is executive columnist for, national columnist for The Athletic, host of the Passions in America podcast, frequent contributor to MLB Network,  annual contributor to PBS, and founder of the blog and Website that bear his name. Also Joe has been National Columnist at NBC Sports, Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated and writer of various titles for the Kansas City Star, The Cincinnati Post, The Augusta Chronicle, Sports on Earth and The Charlotte Observer. Also an author of multiple best sellers about sports. Plus he has lots awards to prove all of this. He brings all this wealth of knowledge to a podcast that brings out great guests and topics. He does go into other sports, but it seems that baseball always is the main subject.

See it on Stitcher, and iTunes 

The Eephus Podcast

Out of the crowded field of Baseball history Podcasts comes the relatively new Eephus Podcast. Named after an obscure iconic pitch, the Eephus, is a lesser-known podcast but is great for those trying to brush up on their baseball history. With topics ranging from Abner Doubleday to the origin of the seventh inning stretch and the biggest MLB draft busts of all time, you're sure to learn something new every time you listen. The hosts, Marty and Larry, have been known to take audience suggestions so reach out if you have a baseball topic you've always wanted to know more about.

Available at iTunes, Stitcher, Podomatic, and Podbean

Fangraphs Audio 

Carson Cistulli hosts a log form round table discussion with regular and special guests about the world of Baseball statistical analysis. The big influence of Sabermetrics on modern Baseball is chronicled in the movie, Money Ball. Which covered the Oakland A's 2002 season. After turning the A's around, the Boston Red Sox used the system to break the curse of the Babe 2 years later, winning the World Series. Major League teams began to hire sabermetricians to help managers make decisions. Now fans are getting into the ring, by using new techniques to look at statistics themselves. Especially in the world of fantasy sports. Fangraphs Audio is great place to slide into first base, and get started. If you want to get really into either Fantasy Baseball or advanced baseball statistics and what they mean, there is Fangraphs Fantasy Baseball and Fangraphs, Effectively Wild.

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The Ringer MLB Show

The Sports Site, The, brings us a baseball Podcast with rotating staff writers, who all have opinions about

news, players, the game, and what fans are talking about. Regular Michael Baumann brings a lot of his friends into the studio to discuss current stories, events, ideas, and players. The Ringer sponsors a host of Podcasts, so if you want to branch out, just check out the website. 

Available at iTunes and at

This Week in Baseball History

This Week In Baseball History is a weekly podcast devoted to the history of baseball, hosted by Mike Bates and Bill Parker, the co-founders of The Platoon Advantage and writers on several websites.Finding items as varied as the 1959 Pennant tie breaker, to Casey Stengel and his last game. Bringing in special guests, (Mike Duncan of the History of Rome, and Revolutions Podcasts makes occasional appearances), they keep up great discussions about everything baseball.

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