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Slower Pace Coming to Whipstone Farm

13 October 2018   Shanti Rade

Whipstone Farm looking at a change in market season.

I am just amazed that we haven't had a frost yet. It was a rainy, dark, cloudy, cold week - with some intermittent sun. Which to be honest, is quite different than fall usually feels in these parts, but I am really liking it (except when you get soaking wet because you don't own real rain gear, slip and slide in the mud, yet you have to keep going because - markets, wholesale orders, csa, things still have to get done!)

We can see the slow down in the heat loving plants, even without a real frost yet. Eggplant, okra, summer squash, cucumbers, cosmos and zinnias are starting to dwindle - when just a week or so ago we were swimming in them. Everyone here at the farm is ready for a slower pace, and we know it is right around the corner. But first a couple big pushes left. We got the majority of our winter squash harvested this week along with a good chunk of sweet potatoes. We still have a lot more to harvest for winter storage, but we are getting it done little by little.

Our market seasons are changing along with the weather. We have just two markets left in Flagstaff. In Prescott we have three more markets before a one week break and then we start up the winter market at our NEW location - Prescott High School.

Our summer CSA season is winding down as well. We have just two more weeks. This has been our best CSA season ever and we have been putting a lot of energy into planning next years shares. Shares are on sale now, but the space is filling up pretty quickly. If you want to learn more about it - head over to our CSA page - it should answer all your questions.

This could be yours! Weekly csa deliveries in the early summer season look something like this (though we do have multiple share sizes, plus spring and summer flower shares). More info here

Surprise snow at the Flagstaff market last week had Alex and Laura warming their hands by the chile roaste

roasted chiles looking and tasting so good

Hightunnel #1 ready for planting

The Fog!!!!


Sierra and the bright and bold bouquet

Adrienne and the soft sherbet bouquet

Gibson with this week's bouquet - I am so excited that we still have flowers!

Olive and the last two wedding of 2018


The season is never really over - we are planting something either indoors or out twelve months of the year.

sweet potatoes - they are crazy big and gnarly this year - this is where the 'ugly produce is beautiful' concept should really be put to the test

daikon radish starburst

This crew (plus a few more) make it all happen. We couldn't do anything we do with out every one of us working hard, working together and being investing in the health of the farm. Thanks to Lauren Ristow for this fabulous photo.

At the market this week


spring salad mix
daikon radishes
kale - curly and lacinato (aka dino)
Green beans
broccolini (limited)
beets with tops
summer squash (limited, last week)
okra (limited)
tomatoes - mostly roma
onions - red and yellow
winter squash - butternut, spaghetti, pumpkin
sweet potatoes
Peppers: shishito, padron, serrano ,jalapeño, güeritos, green, red, yellow and purple bells, pimentos, lipstick, gypsy, banana, charger, sahuaro, sugar, poblano,
garlic chives
basil (limited)


mixed bouquets
mason jars
Other stuff
dried chiles
hot sauce
roasted chiles

where and when to find us:

  • Self serve farm stand, at the farm, open every day, daylight hours
  • Prescott Farmers Market SUMMER - Yavapai College - 1100 E Sheldon St. Prescott, Saturdays 7:30- Noon through October
  • Flagstaff Community Market - City Hall Parking Lot - Aspen Ave., Sundays 8-Noon


arugula and lemon salad

coconut curry butternut

spaghetti squash gratin