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Whipstone Farm: Warm Sunny Days, Morning Nip

01 September 2018   Shanti Rade

It’s Labor Day Weekend. Lots of tomatoes.

We are back to warm sunny days, however there is a nip in the morning air and the first signs of fall are evident. The days are getting shorter.  The breeze that harkens autumn is here.  The bugs are still abundant. We are still hustling hard to get everything done.  But slower times are on the horizon - and I keep that thought close.

It's Labor Day Weekend.  Yes, the markets are open and we will be there (as if there were any question).  It is, on some level my favorite holiday. - celebrating workers and their achievements.  Unfortunately us farmers don't generally take holidays (at least not in the summer) - so at the same time it doesn't have ton of meaning for us. It kills me that we don't get to give our crew the day off for Labor Day  But, I know they understand - this is what farming takes.  An extra push during the busy times, we can take a break in winter.

Thanks to those who came out to the flash sale this past week.  This was a first for us - we have never tried anything like it before.  Overall it was pretty successful.  For those who couldn't make the time - DO NOT WORRY.  I am sure we will be trying this again.  And we will also have some great specials this weekend on the crops that are in abundance.

Tomatoes on sale.  We (ok, I) messed up a little bit in our tomato planting this year and our succession plantings are colliding and all coming on at once.  Most likely the tomatoes will be done before our first frost this year.  But we do have them now, so now is the time to stock up. Can, freeze, dry - roasted, salsa, sauce - you will thank yourself come December.

We will have tomato seconds available at the regular price ($20/case) and tomato first (best quality) for $35/case.  Please bring a box, basket or bag to transfer them into, we can't spare a single box right now. We will also have bulk bags of pickling cucumbers.

Last but not least, we have flowers headed to two weddings this weekend, But we still have tons of great blooms for the market.  Buy yourself a big bouquet (and some fabulous veggies) and upgrade from camping to glamping this holiday weekend. Have fun and be safe everyone!


So far it's looking like a very good year for peppers 

At the market this week


spring salad mix 
bok choy
kale - curly and lacinato
collard greens
Green beans
potatoes - Austrian crescent and reds and purple viking
carrots (bunched and topped)
beets (topped only)
cucumbers - persians and picklers
summer squash 
tomatoes - SO. MANY. TOMATOES.
cherry tomatoes
onions - red and yellow
Peppers: shishito, padron, serrano, güeritos, green and purple bells, gypsy, banana, charger, sahuaro, sugar, poblano.
garlic chives
edible flowers 
dill heads


Mixed bouquets

Other stuff
dried chiles
hot sauce

where and when to find us:

  • Self serve farm stand, at the farm, open every day, daylight hours
  • Prescott Farmers Market SUMMER - Yavapai College - 1100 E Sheldon St. Prescott,  Saturdays 7:30- Noon through October
  • Flagstaff Community Market - City Hall Parking Lot - Aspen Ave., Sundays 8-Noon


Sauteed Shishito Peppers
Tian of eggplant and tomatoes
Eggplant Cream Dip
Smoky eggplant tahini dip
Steak salad with new potatoes and charred leeks
Heirloom tomato and herb salad