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Diversity Equals Racism

23 June 2018   Buz Williams

Real racism is an odious thing. 

A racist will not judge people by their actions or character, but only by their race, color, gender or ethnicity. Racists do not judge individuals, except by the standards of the racial group to which they belong. They will judge whole groups of people by their race. They think that all blacks are lazy, all Hispanics are thieves, all Asians are sneaky and all whites are racists. The hallmark of racists is that they make decisions, not based on an individual's traits, character, experience, accomplishments and integrity, but on their perceived ideas of the ethnic group to which that individual belongs. 

For some time there has been a movement in the media, in progressive political organizations, in high tech companies and even in moderate circles to extol diversity as the most important element in government, business, colleges and other organizations. This extremist egalitarian view demands that diversity be the top or only requirement when hiring employees for any of the above organizations. The results can often cause dangerous environments. The Obama Administration pushed through diversity requirements that lead to the FAA hiring of unqualified air traffic controllers, not because of their qualifications, but because of their race. (realclearpolitics.com, June 4, 2018, posted by Ian Schwartz). This is probably the most egregious example of putting citizens' lives in danger for the sake of “diversity”, but it surely isn't the only one. 

I was mentioning the risk of putting diversity above merit in any hiring practice to County Supervisor Craig Brown. He told me that he has thought for years that for any job, applicants should be given a number for the entire hiring practice. That number would be used throughout the hiring process and the results of written test, resumes and any other procedures would come back to the assigned number. 

This would eliminate any bias by those doing the hiring. I have had thoughts along those same lines. Certain procedures would have to be worked out for oral exams and possibly other parts of the hiring process, but this would ensure that bias did not play a part in the hiring of the employee. It would also ensure that the best qualified person would get the job. 

That is not what the diversity pushers want. They want the prospective employee to be judged by their ethnicity, gender or race first, and any other qualifications, if any others are even considered, would be judged secondarily. What else is this but racism? 

Whatever excuses are used to implement these diversity ideas, the end results are racist in the real world, true definition of the word. Those who advocate for diversity, do not want job applicants to be judged by their accomplishments, character, test results or experience. They want them evaluated on the basis of their racial, gender, ethnic or sexual preference. Diversity is their goal, not competency or job ability. 

Hiring preferences based on race, gender, ethnicity or sexual preferences are just as wrong as eliminating qualified candidates based on those same reasons. Both are wrong morally and both will lead to the diminution of the government, company or organization that utilizes such practices, for the simple reason that the best qualified candidates for the jobs are eliminated.

Editor's note: The opinions expressed above belong to the author and may or may not express the views of this publication. 

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