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10 Uses for Pinterest

15 April 2017  

An avid Pinterester? Looking for help? Think you're not interested? Wait until you see this list.

The social media site has become unstoppable. Pinterest boasts an easy-to-use private and public platform centered around you (NOT your follower count).

Free Fonts

A little-known fact about the mega-site is that you can easily find beta versions of really nice fonts! If you just like to play around with that stuff, it saves you some serious dough. There are fonts for every need, so let your inner graphic designer out! Plus you can find tips about font use, and even get some free artwork, like hand-drawn arrows.

See: Pinterest Fonts

DIY Projects

This is a pretty common use for Pinterest, and we understand why! Pinterest developed an easy to use engine for searching and getting inspired, especially when it comes to Do-It-Yourselfers! There are often free building plans, sewing outlines, detailed instructions and materials lists - you name it!

See: Pinterest DIY


Got a PTA meeting in an hour but you don’t have time to cook? Pinterest has got your back. A college student (like me) who knows nothing about cooking and honestly doesn’t know how to use anything other than a microwave? Pinterest has super easy and quick recipes that will make you turn down that frozen microwave dinner. Need to find something vegan, soy free, carb free, gluten free but not flavor free? Pinterest has a wealth of opportunity for you. Shopping on a budget, but feeling like it’s a “Treat-Yo-Self” day? Pinterest can help find cheap substitutes for more expensive meals.

See: Pinterest Recipes

Also, see the eNewsAZ Pinterest page, where we create a new board each week to accompany the On Sale This Week Column.

Search Engine

At this point, there are so many images on Pinterest from all over the internet, Pinterest is kind of like Google. It’s definitely not as effective if you need to know how old Julianne Hough is, but if you have a question that could be easily answered or inspired by a picture, it’s your go-to. Even things like “Street Style” or gardening tutorials, Pinterest can give you the skinny real quick.

See: Pinterest Street Style


Pinterest can help you with budgeting your projects or even just general bills. It is full of examples on how to save money, get out of debt, and invest without sacrificing your other bills! It can also help you save money by giving you discount codes!

See: Pinterest Budgeting

See: Watters Garden Center on Pinterest

Travel Tips

An 11 day trip to Bali isn’t going to plan itself. With so much to learn about cultures and places in such a short amount of time, you don’t want to waste your time on the overly-done tourist stuff. Pinterest gives you an easy guide to finding example itineraries, backpacking blogs for just about any region, good places to visit, the most instagrammable places for your vacation, etc.

See: Pinterest Travel


Is it Leg Day but you’re tired of doing a million squats? Pinterest has millions of workout pins to help you target any muscle in your body. There is so much variety, you never have to do the same one more than once and they are SO EASY to find!

See: Pinterest Workouts

Event Planning

I’m sure that just about every modern-day bride has a Pinterest board for her big day. Birthday parties, work get-togethers, or just about any event, Pinterest has something for you. Invite templates, examples of what other people have done, A N Y T H I N G.

See: Pinterest Event Planning

See: Pinterest Birthday Parties

Place to save ideas from elsewhere

With such an easy interface and an easy to install browser button, Pinterest can help save you hours by chronicling your recent interests and articles all in one easy to find place. No more googling the only 3 words you remember with your fingers crossed!

See: Pinterest Ideas


My personal favorite, Pinterest is a planner’s paradise. It makes is easy to visually conceptualize just about anything and to really build your own personal styles through examination of pictures. Ahhh, the satisfaction from the pure aestheticism of Pinterest posts makes me swoon.


With these tips, I hope it makes it easy to find the things you love through Pinterest!


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