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It's Not Just Fast Food, It's an Experience

04 September 2016  

Culver's Restaurant may appear to be "just another burger joint," but if you haven't been there, you're missing out.

By far the best thing about this quick service restaurant is the quality of the food. When you take a bite of a grilled chicken sandwich, you know that it's real chicken. The burgers are amazing, and they even have salads for the days that you are just not feeling like a sandwich.

That's the next best thing about Culver's, the menu. There is such a wide range of choices on the menu. First, with the signature ButterBurgers®, you can build them anyway you want, with many toppings to chose from. You don't want a burger? That's fine. The chain is home to many different types of sandwiches and even a few dinner plate style meals, like the cod dinner. A hearty selection of soups and salads finish off the meal portion of the menu.


It's late at night and you just want to feed your sweet tooth? Say no more. Culver's is open until 10pm every night, and has custard that is to die for. Something to appreciate is how many different ways they can serve their home style custard. Do you want a shake, or maybe a root beer float? Maybe you just want it in a cup with a few toppings. However you like your dessert, Culver's has got you covered. Be sure to check out what the flavor of the day is before you visit.


If you haven't been inside a Culver's Restaurant, you will certainly be impressed the first time you step foot inside one. The decor is pleasing to the eye, but doesn't lose the homey feel. If you're dining in, you'll notice that it doesn't feel like a traditional "fast food restaurant." With the addition of having a "Dining Room Attendant," Culver's is sure to care for each of its customers' individual needs. I know that it won't be long before I visit another Culver's Restaurant. 


In 1984, Craig Culver and his family opened the first Culver’s restaurant in Sauk City, Wisconsin, serving their signature ButterBurgers® and Fresh Frozen Custard to friends and neighbors with genuine, from-the-heart hospitality. Their sole financial goal was to support their growing family.

Now Culver’s has grown to over 500 restaurants in 22 states. Learn more about Culver's story here.

This article is an opinion of the author and is in no way sponsored by Culver's Restaurants or any of its affiliates. 

Ryan Scissons

Ryan is an Arizona native, and has lived in Prescott since he was 4. He is a 2015 graduate from Prescott High School.