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Fitness Quest: Yoga in the Studio

13 April 2015  
It's really, really hard to top yoga on top of Thumb Butte.  

Wednesday's session resonated with me in several ways; the combination of nature, hiking and yoga was ethereal.  Instructor Katy Kolasa brought such joy to the experience; I will treasure the memory as one of the best in the quest.

I still had two more sessions with Katy, one at the Adult Center in Prescott, and one at Vinyasa Fitness in Prescott Valley.  Early Thursday I had a breakfast meeting; my yoga pants did not go unnoticed by the meeting participants.  Several commented on my obvious weight loss, others noted my healthier appearance.  It was strange to have acquaintances comment on such things, but nice to have the validation.  I sincerely hoped to wear non-exercise clothes to next weeks meeting.

I immediately left for yoga at the Adult Center; it was held in the darkened gymnasium.  Another full class with gals of all ages, Katy changed up the routine once again (I never saw her repeat!). Unlike the past few days, I didn't feel peace wash over me.  Instead, my tummy started to protest that something was wrong.

I had broken a cardinal rule of yoga:  no eating within an hour of class starting.  It was immediately apparent that food had been a mistake; I struggled to follow along, while feeling greener by the moment.

The beauty of yoga?  No one knew I was sick.  As participants control their workout, I could modify and not risk being found out by others.  I was able to adapt, and was sad I didn't get to participate more.

I talked to Katy about it, who then shared the food rule.  Well, what's done is done; no need to cry over spilt milk.

Vinyasa is a gorgeous studio dedicated to yoga.  Located in Prescott Valley, the ambiance sets the mood for a calm session of yoga.  Katy teaches the Silver class, designed for all ages and abilities.  A "hot" yoga studio, they actually never set the temperature above 93 degrees; it makes no difference in weight loss, and is set to keep the muscles warm for maximum stretchability.  Again, the class is full; I am amazed the Katy seamlessly modified the session to match the flow and temperament of her class.  The music was different in this class; it ebbed and flowed from ethnic, to classical and covered a wide range of genre's.  Once again, Katy kept pace with the class' abilities and I found myself more and more relaxed.  During our period of relaxation at the end of the session, I actually fell asleep on my mat.  I was startled awake by the low bong of a bell, and found I felt rather refreshed for such a quick cat nap.  Katy shared that falling asleep during relaxation actually gives your body four times the rest; no wonder I felt as if I'd had a 20 minute nap.

After class, Katy and a staff member joined me in the studio for pictures.  We all giggled as she announced a modification when changing positions, forgetting she wasn't teaching.  After a week with Katy, I felt as if I had gained a friend, and not just a yoga mentor.  Next week, I'll be at Wellbridge Health Center with Lucille Noggle, a certified Pilates instructor.  After a Grand Canyon hike on Sunday, we'll see how exercise on Monday goes.  After yoga, it will be a tough act to follow!

Katy Kolasa,

Katie Cornelius

Katie labels herself a Solutions Engineer; she is the creative powerhouse dedicated to supporting and growing small businesses in the Prescott area.  She spent the past twelve years working in sales training and business coaching, specializing in mom & pop shops.  Currently Katie is on a journey to get healthy after a severe concussion and some personal challenges.  Her corresponding blog, Fitness Quest, relates the quirky issues faced when following a  fitness program.  Finally, you can visit and coment on the Quest on Facebook.