Today: Jul 02 , 2020
John Dickerson, Auto Reviews

John Dickerson, Auto Reviews

Each month John Dickerson tests a worthy car. From smoking teenagers at stoplights to cramming groceries and small appliances into the trunk, Dickerson examines the features you actually care about, like how well a spilled mocha cleans off the upholstery. Dickerson was raised on industrial pollution, deer venison and American steel in Detroit, Michigan. His co-workers often find him in a trance, slumped over his keyboard, uttering words like “torque steer, horsepower-to-displacement ratio” and “nav system.”

Ford’s Pocket Rocket Won’t Rock Your Pockets…But It Will Spike Your Pulse

Just how do you describe your new $2.25 million car to your friends?

Auto Corner: The Lexus LS-F Rocket

4.6 seconds. No typos, no lies. The high performance Lexus IS-F rockets to 60 miles per hour in a Ferrari-like 4.6 seconds.

Changing the Lineup: Acura RLX-15

Acura's Flagship Luxury Sedan Challenges Competitors

Auto Corner: Italian Love Affair, The four-door Fiat 500L

Falling in love with a stunning, beautiful Italian.

2014 Scion tC: Great Fun in a Great Package

Sporty, flashy and fun to drive perfectly describes the 2014 Scion tC.

2014 Toyota 4Runner Review: Comfort and Utility

2014 Toyota 4Runner drops anchor in opulent waters

Auto Corner: 2014 Lexus LS 460 F-Sport Review

Lexus Sports Up Its Class-Leading Large Sedan

…Blow the Doors off a Ferrari

Hybrid-like mileage without cumbersome batteries.

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