Today: May 22 , 2019


Christmas is a time of traditions, and on Friday, Lincoln Elementary School carried on the tradition of singing on the Courthouse steps.

NJHS Kids Go Shopping

National Junior Honor Society Students from Mile High Middle School head to the Mall to shop for Salvation Army Angels and local 7-year-old cancer patient, Ryan Hadley.
During their Celebration of Learning, which was held at Mile High Middle School, Northpoint Expeditionary Students shared their learning about Global Climate Change and engaged the crowded audience in some “heated” discussions!
Wyatt Bond, 15, hasn't started packing his bags yet, but he's raring to go, just the same. Of course, he won't be leaving for South Africa until May, so he's got plenty of time to snap those suitcases shut and wave goodbye to his parents.
Spaghetti straps or not? How short can those shorts or skirts be? And filp-flops - should they be banned for safety or sanitation reasons? Mohawks, yes or no? And, exactly what can be written on that t-shirt?
If you ever find yourself in a position of organizing nearly 30 8th grade students, plus hot ovens, plus candy, plus only 40 minutes a day, I have put together this handy step-by-step instruction manual I like to call: "Building a Gingerbread House With 30 NJHS Students in 2 Weeks With 40 Minutes a Day" For Dummies.