Today: Aug 24 , 2019


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Opinion: Slip Slidin’ Away

Can Republicans maintain political control in Arizona?

Voter Turnout High and Critical

Republicans aren’t making any assumptions about this election.

Rodney Glassman and Justin Olson unequivocally say that we are not receiving outside funding from special interests or utilities regulated by the Commission.

Arizona Supporters & Opponents Weigh In on Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Gives Speech of Unity at Last Day of the Democratic National Convention 

First Lady Michelle Obama Spoke On the Opening Night of the Democratic National Convention Following a Day Dominated by Talk of DNC Email Leaks

Governor Doug Ducey today praised the passage of the FY 2017 budget. 

The Presidential Preference Election is Tomorrow March 22, 2016 

Arizona Home to Nearly 3.3 M Voters

Voter registration has increased by more than 47,000 since July.