Today: May 19 , 2019

The national average has risen 67¢/gal since New Year’s Day, second largest rise in the last decade

Gas prices are 35.4¢ higher than a month ago.

GasBuddy Reveals Best and Worst Days of the Week to Buy Gas 

Arizona Gas Prices Up Another 7.6¢

Gas prices in Arizona have jumped another 7.6¢ this week.

Arizona’s average is at $2.69, compared to the national average of $2.22 per gallon.

Gas prices projected to be higher than last year’s holiday weekend, fueling a decline in travel

Gas Prices Rise 1¢ Per Gallon

Gas prices on the rise in Arizona.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 4.7¢

Gas prices have dropped, but plan for volatility at the pump.

Planning to travel this weekend? Expect gas prices to be much higher than one year ago.

Gas Prices Continue to Rise

Gas prices have risen 4.6¢ this week.

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