Today: Nov 13 , 2019

AZ Gas Prices Rise 0.6¢

Gas prices in Arizona are still nearly 40¢ higher than the national average.

AZ Gas Prices Fall 4.2¢

Gasoline prices drop in Arizona. 

Further Drop in AZ Gas Prices

Prices continue to decline, although AZ gas prices are still much higher than the national average. 

AZ Gas Prices Creep Up Slightly

Gas prices have increased a little less than a penny this week.

Slight Dip in AZ Gas Prices

Just a wee little drop in prices. 

AZ Gas Prices Jump 2.6¢

Arizona gas prices are still the best in the west.

AZ Gas Prices Drop a Smidgen

Prices in Arizona have fallen a very small amount. 

Slight Drop in AZ Gas Prices

Gas prices dropped 1.1¢ in the past week.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 0.7¢ This Week

AZ Gas prices continue slow drop.

AZ Gas Prices 40.4¢ Higher Than a Year Ago

Although the gas prices are higher than they were a year ago, they did drop half a cent in the last week.

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