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Northpoint Graduates Share Experiences, Say Tearful Goodbyes

26 May 2012  

Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy held their graduation ceremony before hundreds of parents, friends and supporters. 

The largest ever graduating class celebrated their commencement from Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy on Friday morning at the Rowle P. Simmons Community Center, before a packed auditorium.

For the first year, Northpoint offered an Honors Program, which three of the students completed. Nine of the students completed international travel, according to Northpoint's Director Geneva Saint-Amour, and most completed college credit while attending Northpoint.

Scott Gill, the Regional Director of Expeditionary Learning spoke to the students, reminding them of the uniqueness of Northpoint. "Today's about you. And that's correct. It's about your hard work. It's about your studies, your dedication and your accomplishments. And that is correct, because today is a celebration of that work, your study and your passage into high school and your passage of high school onto post-secondary experiences. Your future and the ability to really make a difference. Your charge is that I dare you to make a difference."

"But, I'm going to ask you to pause for a few moments," Gill continued. "to consider the uniqueness of this school, of Northpoint, the school you are now graduating from. Pause to reflect for a moment on those who dared to make a difference in your lives."

After Gill completed his address, each of the students spoke for a couple minutes, taking the time to share experiences, thank their family and friends, and exhort their fellow classmates. The comments were poignant, amusing and obviously heartfelt:

"I have confidence in my classmates that they will each be successful in life... Northpoint has brought out the best in me... High school has made the difference to me...With what we have learned at Northpoint, we are ready to face the world head on. High school was the most amazing time of my life... It's all about learning by doing... Good bye and good luck, my future waits for me..."

The ceremony clearly touched those watching, and put a few on notice, too. One girl was heard to express a concern to her English teacher about whether or not she could manage speaking in front of a crowd like this next year. The teacher assured the student she'd be fine and promised to help her.

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