Today: Jun 06 , 2020

Salute to Heroes & Helicopters from Guidance

19 March 2015   Guy Roginson

Salute To Heroes to include helicopter rides and state of the art helicopter flight simulators to raise money for U.S. Vets.

Guidance Aviation will be providing helicopter rides and X-Copter helicopter flight simulator training sessions during Salute To Heroes taking place March 21, 2013 at the Prescott Valley Event Center to raise money for U.S. Vets. 100% of all proceeds from the helicopter and X-Copter flights will go directly to U.S. Vets. Donations of $50 per helicopter ride can be made on-site. Make the donation of your choice for your X-Copter training session.

X-Copter Helicopter Flight Simulator

Salute to Heroes celebrates our First Responders.  There will be outdoor and indoor activities throughout the day so come out, take a helicopter ride and try your skills flying a helicopter in the X-Copter flight simulator.  Join us while we celebrate our First Responders and U.S. Military Veterans!