Today: Nov 20 , 2019

Bill's News: Rain in the Forecast

Rain is in the forecast.

Clear skies should return later this week. 

A rare weather occurrence is happening this week.

Bill's Newscast: Ballots Mailed

Ballots have been mailed; former Yavapai College art teacher Marcusen to be honored.

How to feed the yard and prevent bugs.  Weed killing as the weather cools. SolvingPinyon Pine Scale and bark beetle issues. Winter garden flowers.

Bill's Newscast: Smoke and Rain

Between the storms there might just be some smoke.

Expect numerous showers and thunderstorms through Tuesday.

There is possibility of severe thunderstorms next week.

Might get some rain, but the storm has eased up from original predictions. 

Moisture continues through Thursday. 

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