Today: Jan 21 , 2020

Gorgeous Weather This Week

An amazing week of weather for your enjoyment!

Overnight Freeze Warning in Yavapai County

Overnight freeze expected tonight.

Boring - Sunny & Clear This Week

Nothing but beautiful clear skies and maybe a bit of wind this week.

It’s that time of the year when the weather isn’t really sure what to do!

The Flash Flood Watch is updated to be in effect through 5 PM Thursday night.

Weather Cools Down This Week

Temperatures are going to cool off slightly this week.

Weather: Warm & Sunny

“Totally boring monsoon this year,” Dr. Mark Sinclair  states.

Weather: Welcome to the Monsoon!

We should see some monsoon rain this week!

Monsoons have arrived!

Great Weather This Week

Weather will be lovely this week.

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