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Weather: Warm & Dry

21 October 2019   Dr. Mark Sinclair

Beautiful weather this week.

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Weather Discussion:

Sunny, dry conditions continue for the coming week. Winds will generally be light northerly through Wednesday, with breezier and cooler northeast winds possible Thursday. Friday and Saturday will have generally light wind shifting to the southwest ahead of an approaching low pressure system in the Pacific Northwest. 

Additional notes for the weather nuts out there:

In the absence of any interesting local weather, I have attached an average map for the month of October. As you can see, the eastern half of the country is much wetter than the west, with an October average of 3-6 inches for most places in the east (shaded colors). This is because of average high pressure over the eastern US, which circulates air clockwise, bringing up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico (see the blue wind barbs). Over the west, only the Pacific Northwest receives much in the way of significant precipitation, with the Olympic Mountains and the Cascades receiving averages over 6 inches from Pacific storms. Over northern Arizona, we receive around 1 inch on average, highest over high terrain. However, this October looks as though we will receive very little if any precipitation.

You can see precipitation totals for any day by going to

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