Today: Sep 21 , 2019


The Best Guide to the County Fair Ever!

What is it that causes grown people to see the world through a child's eye for a day... to discard our diets for Indian fry bread and cotton candy... to cause us to dig deep into our pocket books for novelty items?
It's not often that you can go to an event that's fun and free, but the 2007 World Arts Festival perfectly fits that description.
The Town of Prescott Valley will celebrate its 30 Year Anniversary on August 22, 2008. A planning committee is in place and as the months roll by more information will be provided to the public regarding this special event. A kick-off event is scheduled to take place on New Year’s Eve.

The Unofficial Official Election Results

Ain't politics fun? The unofficial election results are in, and it is a mixed bag for incumbents. Suttles and Lamerson will retain their seat, while Simmons will not. Bialr will be in a runoff election in November against Lopas.
By reading 8 books of their choice during the summer, children could receive a free book from Barnes & Noble, and be entered into a very fun contest!
From Patriot Days to Fall Clean Up, there is a lot happening in the town of Prescott Valley.