Today: Jun 20 , 2019


Very often when a municipal Website becomes packed with information, it eventually becomes difficult to navigate. While it’s true that the Town’s current website at is loaded with excellent information, updates, news releases, history and anything else you want to know about your local government, we have to admit…our website is ready for an upgrade.  
At first glance, the "uptown" area of Humboldt might not seem like much. But, that's because you haven't seen Humboldt through the eyes of Betsy Gilcrease Dowdy.
The Channel 15 cable access station now can be viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the Town’s Website at Simply click on the media link from the home page and watch everything from council meetings to cultural and recreational updates.
Prescott Valley police vehicles are sporting a new bumper sticker, and it's all part of an effort to remind motorists to "Stop on Red". As a matter of fact, P.J. Janik, Commander of the Prescott Valley Police Department, wants to give you a bumper sticker, too.

Prescott Public Library’s children’s summer reading program ended Saturday on a high note – literally. Prescott area band Sticks and Tones performed for an audience of approximately 60 children and 40 adults. 

Carm Staker is one of those people who makes the Energizer Bunny look positively lazy.