Today: Sep 21 , 2019


Just in time for the Cubs' trip to Phoenix, a little taste of Chicago has come to Chino Valley. Actually Chow Hounds is giving Chino a great big taste of Chicago in the form of the true Chicago Style Hot Dog.

Questions From the Audience

One week ago today, Lora Lopas and Steve Blair had the opportunity to answer some questions at the Republican Women of Prescott's forum.

Happy 25th Birthday, Olsen's!

It's not often that you think of hay and RV's in the same place. But, Olsen's Grain is turning 25 in their Dewey-Humboldt location, and as far as they're concerned, that's a great reason to have a big party!
Ever wonder what kind of information the government is required to share with you? And, how the heck do you pry it out of them, anyway?

The Blair-Lopas Debate, Part 2

There is considerable conversation that the country and the state of Arizona is going into a recession, and will be facing less sales tax revenues and in part, less state shares of revenue.

As the Forum began, Mary Williams, noted, "AFRW clubs shall treat every Republican candidate with respect and courtesy, and shall encourage individual members to abide by this policy. As an organization, this club is mandated to remain neutral towards any and all Republican candidates in a primary election."