Today: Jun 20 , 2019


Ole Griffith, born in Pittsburg, spent his early years in and around Pennsylvania, his military years all over the world, and his last three and a half decades based in Phoenix, Arizona. Fascinated by and engaged in aviation throughout his life, Griffith has been privileged to meet many of his early heroes and larger than life aviation personalities and other notables. At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s DLC Auditorium on Thursday, October 18, at 7 PM, Griffith shares a well mixed, multi-media program on the 1942 Doolittle Raid on Japan and video of the 65th Raiders’ Reunion. Everyone is welcome at this free, public event.
Usually an Elks Opera House event means dressing up a bit, and being greeted in the lobby by ladies and gentlemen clad in Victorian attire. Sunday’s Hard Hat Open House did have one Victorian lady, but the rest of the greeters were sporting bright yellow hard hats and denim work clothes.
Jennifer Lacour isn't in any hurry. Lacour travels with her husband, E.J. and cat Prissy, touring from place to place; but they don't stay in any one town too long. There's too much to see and experience.
So, what's it like to to pet an emu? (Think soft Brillo pad.) Or to feel a cow lick your arm? You can answer these questions and more for yourself at the Windmill Pumpkin Festival, being held this month in Chino Valley. 
From former Green Beret Floyd Washburn’s Powered Parachute, to Captain Brett Warren’s A-10, the Prescott AirFest was alive with pilots, co-pilots, former pilots and thousands of airplane fans.  Saturday delivered near perfect weather with a crisp fall bite to the morning air, warming to perfect air show viewing weather by the time the air show started.
As a transplanted New Yorker who has been living here in Chino Valley for just about a year now, I figured it was time to scratch beneath the surface and find out what's going on in my home town. And what better way to do that, I thought, than to go and speak to the mayor?