Today: Sep 21 , 2019


Update: The Fann Annexation measures passed unanimously on Friday, after months of negotiations. Kudos to those who stuck with it, and found a way to achieve for the City of Prescott.

LEGO Drive for Ryan Hadley

There's something about playing with LEGOs that any boy of every age loves. Snapping the blocks together, popping a helmet on a LEGO guy, creating cars and spaceships and worlds - life doesn't get much better than that for a kid.

First Day In Office

After his inauguration as Mayor of Prescott yesterday, Jack Wilson's not wasting any time. Today, the first two press releases were sent out, with an initial introduction to both the Economic Development Advisory Committee and the Mayor’s Water Conservation/Safe Yield Advisory Committee.

Another Delay on the Annexation Vote

Well, the Fann annexation has been put off for yet another week, apparently due to a snafu on the part of the staff for the City of Prescott.
The issue has been the source of a great deal of frustration for the City Council and citizen Mike Fann - should the City of Prescott annex Mike Fann's property known as Granite Dells Estates, bringing it within the Prescott city limits?
So, how does the "Rowle P. Simmons Community Center" sound? Mayor Rowle Simmons was overcome with emotion as he learned on Monday night that the Community Center on Rosser Road would be named in his honor.