Today: Sep 17 , 2019


Trees for the Troops

The Republican Women of Prescott work to send Christmas packages, complete with trees, candy canes and stockings, to the troops in time for the holidays.
For the past 15 years hundreds of pounds of sugar have walked into the Prescott Resort and Conference Center in the form of gingerbread: gingerbread houses, trains, dollhouses, casitas, toys, chateaus, churches, mansions, castles, Santa’s overflowing toy sack and even a 3-diminsional book with the characters spilling out.
The unidentified male prisoner in the Yavapai County jail was hunkered down behind a plastic shield, with a makeshift plastic knife held to the throat of the hostage.

The Courthouse Lighting

The crowd seemed a tad thinner but the atmosphere was thick with Christmas cheer as the 53rd annual Courthouse Lighting ushered in the Christmas season Saturday night.

Rowle's Final Tribute - A Recap

Did you miss Monday night's touching movie about Rowle Simmons? Or, horrors, did you not get to hear Ken Bennett's Ode to Rowle during the last City Council meeting? Maybe you just want to experience it all again...

Christmas Parade Rain or Shine

Not rain nor hail nor sleet, nor freezing wind kept the people from going out and enjoying Prescott’s 25th Annual Christmas Parade.