Today: Jun 05 , 2020


The Blair-Lopas Debate, Part 2

There is considerable conversation that the country and the state of Arizona is going into a recession, and will be facing less sales tax revenues and in part, less state shares of revenue.

As the Forum began, Mary Williams, noted, "AFRW clubs shall treat every Republican candidate with respect and courtesy, and shall encourage individual members to abide by this policy. As an organization, this club is mandated to remain neutral towards any and all Republican candidates in a primary election."

Brilliant Rainbow, Glorious Rain!

The rainbow was brilliant, the rain was wonderful and the temperatures were cool. What's not to like?

Come to the Fair!

The 94th Annual Yavapai County Fair formally opened Thursday in Prescott Valley with a tasty bar-b-que attended by several local officials and County Fair employees and volunteers.
It's here... If you see this van parked by the side of the road, andthe lights flash as you zip along on the highway between Dewey-Humboldtand Prescott, you might want to start saving your pennies, because youmay have just gotten a speeding ticket.
What's with the Scarecrows at Windmill Farms in Chino Valley? Why, they're here to welcome the guests coming for the Pumpkin Festival.