Today: Jun 05 , 2020


Carol Browner, former Administrator of the EPA, who believes that the climate change issue is not only pressing but thinks in many ways it may be “too late,” spoke today at the Prescott Public Library.

Adoption Day

Seventeen children were adopted on Saturday, November 17. Seventeen children with biological parents unable to be moms and dads for any number of reasons, found new homes, new arms ready to hug them, new hearts ready to love them.

Fann Annexation - Is It Back?

Is there a chance that the Fann annexation issue might be brought back before the City of Prescott?

Bob Bell's Bombshell

The Agenda item seemed innocuous, but it soon turned into a rather heated discussion about the future of the Big Chino Water Ranch, as Councilman Bob Bell offered an unexpected suggestion.
From the Embry Riddle Color Guard, to Rosie Ross playing the trumpet, this Veteran's Day Parade held at the Bob Stump VA Medical Center was truly a perfect way to remember those who have fought for our country throughout the last century.
Some time ago, Jan Hilton, mentioned to Prescott Mayor Rowle Simmons that she and other residents at Las Fuentes would like to attend the City Council meetings, but were unable to get out very easily.