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Starry Nights at Watson Lake

The Prescott Astronomy Club held the first “Starry Nights at Watson Lake” meeting of the year last week. The group met at the Upper Ramada at Watson Lake Park soon after sundown.
New directions by definition require change. So, what kind of change would be needed if Prescott were to become a magnet community for a certain, targeted group of people; a group he called, 'Knowledge Workers'?
"I kind of consider myself to be a poster child for the type of people I'm interested in." And with that statement, Charlie Grantham introduced himself and his ideas for economic development in the City of Prescott.
If you could have truly affordable health insurance as a small business owner, would you get it?  That's what Healthcare Group of Arizona offers, but it's a program that may be cut due to the Arizona state budget woes.

Lego Deliveries for Ryan Hadley

As the first sets of Legos are delivered to Ryan Hadley, he and his family know that there's a long road ahead.

$60,000 DUI Enforcement Grant

The Tri-City DUI Task Force is more determined than ever to keep impaired drivers off the road, and they jsut got a $60,000 grant to help them do it.