Today: Oct 22 , 2019
Yavapai County

Yavapai County

How safe is our drinking water? Does running a glass of water straight for the tap mean the same thing as a trip to the drug store?

Fun Times for Healthy Kids

How many teaspoons of sugar are there in a can of Mountain Dew? If you chew tobacco will you have bad breath? Can you dig up a yucca plant and eat the root?

The Faces Behind the Tragedy

County Attorney Sheila Polk unveiled the Homicide Remembrance Display at the County Courthouse Square on Monday morning. It was a quiet and solemn occasion with close to one hundred people in attendance.
It was a day of gratitude despite the remembered tragedies.
It's a grim, but necessary reminder that bad things can happen to innocent people, even in Yavapai County.
There are several new paintings hanging on the walls at the Yavapai College Library; there for a short-term exhibit. The paintings may help the community remember a young artist and musician named Brian Gianelli.