Today: Feb 19 , 2020
Jo Ann Johnson, Citizen Reporter

Jo Ann Johnson, Citizen Reporter

Pathfinder Pilot David Hamilton

Hear from Lt. Col. David Hamilton, as he shares his WWII experiences in dropping pathfinder troops behind enemy lines in Europe.

Learn about 'Love' - Prescott's Ernest A. Love Field

(Includes photo gallery) She has been the Preservation Specialist for the City of Prescott since 1990 and Nancy Burgess has access to the resources for developing the story of unique places.

Presenting Hometown Aviator Ernest A. Love

Who is Earnest A. Love, and why did they name the Prescott Airport after him? Ask author and WWI historian Alan L. Roesler.

Silverplate Program Takes Audience to Tinian Island and Beyond

The story of the A-bomb development, modification of the planes to carry them, and particularly of the men who made up the crews

1956 Grand Canyon Midair Collision

How often do you think about the survivability or crashworthiness of the plane flying overhead or the one booked for your next trip?

Ole Griffith - An Aviator's Story

Ole Griffith, born in Pittsburg, spent his early years in and around Pennsylvania, his military years all over the world, and his last three and a half decades based in Phoenix, Arizona. Fascinated by and engaged in aviation throughout his life, Griffith has been privileged to meet many of his early heroes and larger than life aviation personalities and other notables. At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s DLC Auditorium on Thursday, October 18, at 7 PM, Griffith shares a well mixed, multi-media program on the 1942 Doolittle Raid on Japan and video of the 65th Raiders’ Reunion. Everyone is welcome at this free, public event.

Agua Fria Open Space Alliance Conference at Arcosanti

It's the 3rd Annual Conference for the Open Space Alliance to be held at Arcosanti.

Local Man Shares His Youthful Flying Adventure

Steve Elliot shares his story of being part of the 1979 development team for the Gossamer Albatross, a human pedal-powered aircraft.

Adventures on the Dark Continent

Come listen to Hal Cope - an African aviation pioneer and adventurer at ERAU.

Free Public Conference at Arcosanti

Never been to Arcosanti? Well, here's your chance to see Arcosanti and learn about the Agua Fria River at the same time - for free!
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