Today: Jul 13 , 2020
Helen Stephenson

Helen Stephenson

It's the 7th Annual Prescott Film Festival, and it starts on July 17.

Sedona Film Festival 2015

Scholarship Toolkit: How Are You Going To Pay for College?

Simply signing up for the scholarship sites on the internet is not going to get you where you want to go.  There's much more to playing the game than just filling out applications and writing essays. That's all important stuff, but waiting till the second semester of your senior year...

Oscar Night Parties in Prescott

Prescott Film Festival’s Second Annual Academy Awards® Party Coming to Prescott’s Springhill Suites!

145 Films at the Sedona International Film Festival

Celebrities scheduled to attend include Oscar winners Peter Bogdanovich (The Last Picture Show), Don Black (Born Free), Kathryn Glynn (Bowling for Columbine), and Robert Moresco (Crash)

Things for Kids to do this Summer...

....aside from cleaning their rooms!

Vacation Bible School

Different themes help take VBS to a whole new level!

Prescott Woman Donna Berenbrock Wears a lot of Hats!

Entrepreneur, businessperson and now children’s book author.

Designer Christmas Trees…. For Rent?

Professional decorator Linda Gaut has a creative way to help with Christmas traditions this year.

Access13 - A Potential Gem for the City of Prescott

What is it? Who can use it? What does it do fofr the Quad-City area?
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