Today: Dec 15 , 2019

Crews Are Restriping the Roadway Between 8am to 6pm Tuesday & Wednesday

Bill's Newscast: Building in Prescott Valley

Prescott Valley plans to upgrade both the Boys and Girls Club and Prescott Valley Police Department.

Prescott Valley’s search for CDBG funding.

Flashback: January 30th to February 5th 2017

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Prescott Valley ranked #5 in mid-sized cities, with a crime score 1,471. Prescott’s crime score is 2,018.

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Crisis Stabilization Unit Set to Open In 2017

Get Your Vehicle Registration, Drop off A Toy

Treating Diabetes through Rehabilitation

Diet, Exercise Recommended for Diabetes
Crews Are Restriping Sections of the Roadway Between 7 p.m. And 6 a.m
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