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The Largest Gingerbread Village Ever...

24 November 2014  

It’s a Prescott Wonderland! 

Remember in C.S. Lewis’ book, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” when Lucy first pushed through the coats in the back of the closet and suddenly found herself in an enchanted world? That’s what it feels like when one walks into the lobby of the Prescott Resort and sees the 22nd Annual Gingerbread Village for the first time. 

Well over 100 hand-decorated gingerbread houses and other types of structures are displayed in the Prescott Resort lobby, on a soft ‘snowy’ ground with an old-fashioned train that travels through the village bringing good cheer to all. Nestled between the cabins, churches and hotels are magical trees, critters and people. There’s a pirate’s ship with a candy tree, and a Noah’s Ark with every creature imaginable preparing to climb aboard. There’s an Assisted Living facility, complete with senior citizens and their caretakers. A Wild West Town makes you want to say, "Howdy, Pardner!" and  a home with a chimney that looks real enough to move in. 

The Village is a community effort, made by local children, grownups, businesses, non-profits and schools. It is a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters, so the proceeds from buying a “lot” benefits that organization. A box is provided for any who wish to donate, as well as literature describing what it’s like to become a Big. 


angela kids

Angela Shelton and her three children were part of "God's Girls" group 
that created the 1st place Noah's Ark.


This is more than a delightful fundraiser. It’s also an opportunity for cosy, Christmas-y activities and family togetherness. Here’s the schedule of activities:

Gingerbread Village Viewing: 24/7 until December 31. 

Cost: Free

Where: Prescott Resort & Conference Center
1500 State Route 69 Prescott, AZ 86301

(928) 227-2313
(855) 957-4637

Saturday, November 29, from 12-2: Santa Pictures - BYOC (Bring Your Own Camera)

Saturday, December 6, 10-12: Gingerbread Cookie Decorating ($5 per child)

Saturday, December 13, 11-1: Gingerbread Cookie Decorating ($5 per child)

Saturday, December 13, 6-8 PM: Fireside reading with Santa ($5 per child)

Sunday, December 14 (call restaurant for details): Santa @ Brunch

Saturday, December 20, 10-12: Gingerbread Cookie Decorating ($5 per child)

As you plan your holiday schedule, don’t forget to include a stop at the Gingerbread Village in the lobby of the Prescott Resort. You’ll be glad you did!


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