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It's Wet. It's Cold. It's All For a Good Cause.

20 August 2014  
L-R: Chief Glenn Brown, Julie Brown and Doug Suits

Raising money with a little bit of fun.

The 'Ice Bucket Challenge' phenomenon is a great example of the Internet gone good (as opposed to bad). The idea is to dump a bucket of ice water over your head, and then you challenge someone or several someones to do the same. To take you up on your challenge, they must douse themselves in icy water, and donate $10 to a good cause, in this case, the ALS Association. If they decline to accept your challenge, they are supposed to donate $100 to the aforementioned good cause. The event is supposed to take place within 24 hours, and it needs to be filmed with the video being posted to social media.

The challenge has been issued in behalf of various organizations for some time, but it became virally popular on June 30, 2014, when the Golf Channel Morning Show had a live, on-air ice bucket challenge. A couple of weeks later, golfer Chris Kennedy doused himself, challenging his cousin, whose husband has ALS.

Since then, while the ice water is poured over heads across the country, the money has also poured into the ALS Association. Yep, $31.5 million, according to the ALS Association, compared to $1.9 million during the same time period last year.

On Tuesday, two Ice Bucket Challenges took place in the local area: Mayer Fire Department and the Sundogs Booster Club.


Mayer Fire Department

The Mayer Fire Department was challenged by the staff of Representative Paul Gosar (conveniently, a member of Gosar's staff happens to be married to the Mayer Fire Chief). They were also joined by Doug Suits, a member of the board of Habitat for Humanity.

Suits challenged Art Velarde, Paul Townsend and the entire Board of Habitat for Humanity.

Julie Brown challenged Ken Alexander, Alex Vakula, Larry Renken and Brenda White.

Glen Brown challenged Gila River Indian Community Fire Chief Tom Knapp; Yavapai County Supervisor Tom Thurman and Judge Bill Rummer, the Mayer Justice of the Peace.



Sundogs Booster Club

The Sundogs Booster Club, led by Jennifer Smith, took a slightly different take on the Ice Bucket Challenge. Instead of dumping ice water over their collective heads, they just asked the Central Yavapai Fire Department to send an engine out to hose them down. No worries, with the storm that was rolling in about the same time, that water was plenty cold.

They are challenging the Arizona Coyotes Crew Fan Club, former Sundog player David Schlemko, and the Arizona Sundogs Staff.


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sundogs fans




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