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Will 'American Pickers' Come to Prescott?

31 December 2010  
Image from the History Channel

Let's bring American Pickers to Prescott, Arizona!

Mike and Frank are modern-day treasure hunters. They poke and dig and hunt in search of rare finds. They really don't know in advance what they're looking for, but when they find it, they're pretty excited. But, it's gotta be a bargain.

Their finds are usually tucked away in someone's old barn or workshop, the more dilapidated, the better. It might look like junk to you, but Mike and Frank have a pretty good eye for spotting an object with intrinsic value. Maybe it's a toy or a car or even a (!?) carnival ride. Sometimes, there's a 'For Sale' sign attached to a motorcycle which attracts their attention as they drive down the road. And if it's just a bumpy dirt road they're driving on... Mike and Frank are even happier.

Mike and Frank's roaming in search of cool stuff is documented in the History Channel's show, "American Pickers", which airs on Monday nights.

Well, here in the Prescott area, there are plenty of dirt roads and barns filled with stuff. So, what if the American Pickers came to Prescott, 'Everyone's Hometown'?

According to Jeff Eggleston, the Producer for American Pickers, Prescott is on the list of possible places to visit, and he has sent a Wanted Items List. "Include anything that you find interesting, kooky, unique and rare," he writes. "We love finding new, exciting and unexpected things!"

American Pickers is asking for photos of stuff Mike and Frank might like. They are interested in buying things like motorscooters, motorcycles and antique cars. They like toys, games, radios and posters. Route 66 memorabilia, taxidermy animals, old photos and gas pumps are all of interest to these Pickers. And there is a LOT more they are interested in.

You can ownload the detailed American Pickers List here.

They need to see some photos, which Eggleston describes:

  • Wide shots of property including the exteriors of all the buildings where the items are kept.
  • Wide shots of the interior of all the buildings from the vantage point of the doorway so I can see what it would look like walking into it.
  • Close ups of all the items that are on the list AND items that you think are rare, unique and interesting.
  • Also make sure you take a picture of yourself and who will be on camera negotiating the sale!

"Please take as many pictures as possible," Eggleston requests. "I don’t mind receiving a lot of emails and attachments."

* Also Eggleston wants each person submitting a collection for consideration to answer the following questions so we can know more about their story:

  • Name?
  • Age?
  • Where you live (exact address)?
  • Contact info (phone number and email address)?
  • Describe the property where the collection is stored (list how many different areas you have, barns, garages, storage areas etc and tell us the size of each of these places)
  • Tell me about the items you have from our list and/or that you think are valuable. (Please go into extreme detail on as many pieces as you can i.e. year, model, condition etc)
  • Tell me the story behind the collection: how did you acquire your collection?
  • Tell us why you started collecting and when?
  • Why are you ready to sell now?
  • Why would you be good for the show, what excites you most about meeting Mike and Frank???
  • What you did for school and work as you grew up?
  • What are some of your favorite pieces, some pieces everyone is always amazed about?
  • Tell me something that no one would know about you just by looking at you!

So, have you got any junk? Or, maybe your neighbor has some stuff that would be great for American Picker (besides, you'd love to get him to clean his yard, anyway!) Download the American Pickers List, and see what you have that might fit the bill. Leave a comment below (use your real email address, it won't show to the public) and we'll contact you on what to do next. Tell your friends and family to join in, too.

Surely, we could muster up an entire American Picker's episode right here in Prescott, Arizona!

Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She will be leaving for new adventures on May 15, 2020.