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National Regifting Day is Today

16 December 2010  

It's National Regifting Day today - what's in your closet that you can pass along?

nationalregiftingdayYou may not have known this, but today is National Regifting Day, according to the folks at, brought to you by Money Management International.

What is 'regifting'? According to, the definition of regifting is " give an unwanted gift to someone else; to give as a gift something one previously received as a gift."

Remember getting 5 toasters for your wedding? With regifting, you could have kept your favorite, and then wrapped the others and passed them on as gifts to someone else. No waste, no fuss at the return counter, and everyone's happy. We hope.

Or, how about that lovely scarf you received from Aunt Martha. Except the color was so not you. Package it up and give it to your best friend who has been ogling it for months. She doesn't see Aunt Martha much anyway!

Here are some general guidelines at the Regifting 101 page:

1. Never regift handmade or one of a kind items, signed books, monogrammed items or free promotional items.

2. Only new and unopened gifts in good condition. No items that you've owned for a long time (if you have to dust it off, it's not regiftable).

3. Make sure you know who gave you the item, so you don't give it back to them accidentally.

4. Make sure the recipient will appreciate the item. If you think it is really undesirable, they probably will, too.

5. Rewrap it and make it look pretty.

6. Either announce that it's a regift, or keep the secret. Don't feel guilty.

7. Stop to think if it would be better recycled.

Why Today?

Well, according to the National Regifting Day website, their unscientific research found that, "... the third Thursday of December it is the most common day for a holiday office party. And, according to our very scientific research, 4 in 10 regifters (41%) target coworkers as the recipients of their regifts."

After all, during this season of shopping and spending, what better way to save some of your hard earned cash than to go through your home and find those items that really need to be passed on?

There's a Reward...

At there is a place to tell your regifting stories, those that make you laugh (oops! I gave it back to the person that gave it to me) or cry (I wish I had kept that other toaster instead) or just show the value of the concept of regifting. If your story gets the most votes, you could win as much as a $500 gift certificate.

The contest has been going on since November 1, but you've still got time to submit your story, since the end date is December 31, 2010. Right now, only 30 stories have been submitted, so there might be a pretty good chance of cashing in.

There's also a free gift tag, like the one you see in this story.

Of course, jsut clearing out your closet will make you a winner any day!


Are you an avid regifter? Tell us about it below! We don't have a $500 gift certificate to give away - you have to go to the site for that - but you just might inspire someone else to do some regifting on their own.

Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She will be leaving for new adventures on May 15, 2020.