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A Thanksgiving Wish from the Fain Signature Group

21 November 2010   Lew Rees, Guest Columnist

Lew Rees offers heartfelt Thanksgiving wishes from the Fain Signature Group.

givingthanksOn behalf of Fain Signature Group and the wonderful staff that works here, Happy Thanksgiving!
Now, please enjoy a poem from my heart written in 1986. God bless you and yours in this Thanksgiving season.

Thanksgiving A Time For Giving Thanks
Thanksgiving Day once again is here.
We give thanks this time each year.
We all are so blessed in countless ways
Our blessings enumerated would take days.
The blue skies, the green trees, the flowers that
The rugged mountains in the background loom,
A constant reminder in our daily prayer
That we are in the good Lord’s care.
We have so much, He fills us up
With His bountiful overflowing cup.
Is giving thanks so hard to do
Just one day, or all year through.
The simplest blessings we oft take for granted.
Seeds of thankfulness need to be planted.
The sun rise in morning, the rain showers of
These are two of the simplest things.
But what if the sun didn’t shine, and the rain
didn’t fall,
Where would this world be if at all.
Thanks is not difficult, it is giving, it is sharing.
It is showing our loved ones a purpose for caring.
Let your thanks be heard this thankful day.
Let your blessings be known in all you say.
Thanksgiving is but once a year,
But in my house, let me make it clear.
We give thanks for every day, we’re blessed,
From the moment we rise, till our head lay to rest.
* * *
Have a nice holiday, and remember one thing. Give thanks to God for the blessings He brings. Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!