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The Best Guide to the County Fair Ever!

19 September 2007  
What is it that causes grown people to see the world through a child's eye for a day... to discard our diets for Indian fry bread and cotton candy... to cause us to dig deep into our pocket books for novelty items?
fair1.jpgWhat is it that causes grown people to see the world through a child's eye for a day... to discard our diets for Indian fry bread and cotton candy... to cause us to dig deep into our pocket books for novelty items? What brings together cities all across Yavapai County in one grand celebration?  Why, the Yavapai County Fair of course! This year we have some terrific new entertainment coming our way. Here are the highlights about these new out-of-state, and local, shows.

Out Of Africa Wildlife Park

Grab your cameras and video cameras, folks... bringing their own little bit of heaven to the Yavapai County Fair this year are some slightly slimly, but really interesting guests - reptiles! "The Reptile Education Show" will be presented as a means of introducing people to the park's reptiles, and general reptile knowledge.  Are they from Africa?  Well, in a way...Their permanent residence is housed within a habitat where lions, tigers, wolves, hyenas, bears and others run around and play together like brothers and sisters, but without the tattle telling.  And, believe it or not, this super cool place is right in our own back yards, at Camp Verde.

The "Out of Africa Wildlife Park" was born as a research project in Dean and Prayeri Harrison's own home in Phoenix, twenty-five years ago.  Now it's just a wonderful place to be - whether animal OR human - with thousands of visitors each year to prove it. You'll need about four hours to experience all the activities, like taking unobstructed live action shots of the exotic animals, and maybe even get smooches from a giraffe (my personal favorite)! And don't forget the big, scary reptiles like anacondas (NOT my favorite)! The next time you pick up your pet, remember Harrison's creed, "[The animals are treated with the Golden Rule] -"To do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Love and respect for all life is the [Park's] objective. The web site has some great articles on pet care and behavior, written by the owners. The Park is open Wednesdays through Sundays (and some holidays), from 9:30a-5:00p. With prices as low as $20.00 for kids, and $28.00 for adults, the whole family can enjoy a rare treat for the day! Tell them Pam at Prescott eNews sent you. My thanks to  The African Wildlife Park. In the meantime, enjoy the "Reptile Education Show" at the Fair!


Photo courtesy of Out of Africa 




Cooks Racing Pigs (No Web Site Available)

Photo courtesy of Cook's Racing Pigs
OK-I've seen racing horses, dogs, even frogs and turtles, but pigs? Nope, don't remember that! This is one interactive event from California that has County Fair written all over it. Everyone, including the kids, will have fun participating in the "free betting." When a person's freecolored ticket matches the colored pig that wins, that person gets a fun blue ribbon that says "My Pig Won," or a hat, or even a cool t-shirt! Don't you just love winning that fun fair stuff! Charlie and Tonia Cook are really "piggy people!" That is, this is their 21 anniversary of pig racing at western US events, averaging around 300 per year! Charlie is a 4-H, FFA, Agricultural teacher's son who knows an awful lot about pigs; to prove this, he becomes "Professor Cook" and opens the "The College of Pig Knowledge," a fun trivia contest that can stump even a hog farmer! But there is a serious side: the Cooks are educating people about pigs and the swine industry. The Cooks' well-trained athletic pigs have a good pretty life. "The Bacon Barn" (their travel trailer) has air-conditioning and misting, with 24 hour self-feeders and self-water tubes. But what they really like is what they get after they race, soft-serve ice cream with an Oreo cookie! These pigs obviously have good taste!

My thanks to the Cooks for their courteous help.

Michael Mezmer, Hypnotist

If you need to get up earlier in the mornings (like me), or need to eat less at events like fairs, maybe this performer can help! We are honored to have Michael Mezmer at the Yavapai County Fair this year. This highly accomplished performer is no stranger to Fairs, having won an "Entertainment Division Award" from the Western Fairs Association. Just one of many awards too numerous to list. I invite you to the web site to see the list, and learn more about him in general. Michael is not only a hypnotist, but a comedian, celebrity impersonator, and all around entertainer. He has been called the "Hypnotist's Hypnotist!" Michael performs on national television, at major fairs and events, and has worked with top celebrities. It's not all fun and laughter, however, he also does "Quantum Stress Management System" sessions with large companies and groups, so they can achieve maximum performance as a whole. So, if you get a seat near the front, could you save one for me? Thanks!

The 26th Annual Colgate Country Showdown Arizona State Finals

If you like country music and competition shows, then don't miss out on this! Colgate (the company that makes toothpaste and such), has a yearly competition they sponsor called the "Country Showdown." The Colgate Country Showdown is a yearlong search for the nation's best country singers. It begins with 50,000 artists competing in contests held at local radio stations in each state all over the country. There are four levels - local, state, regional, and National Final, held in Nashville, Tennessee. This year's national host will be LeAnn Rimes. The National Final will air nationwide, over syndicated television in March and April, with a second airing to follow on Great American Country (GAC) in May, 2008. Past, local, state and regional winners include Martina McBride, Neal McCoy, Brad Paisley, Erika Jo, Billy Ray Cyrus, Garth Brooks. The state winners' prize includes $1,000 and the opportunity to advance to one of five regional events. The five regional winners from across the country will receive an all expense-paid trip to the National Final to compete for $100,000 and the coveted national title of Best New Act in Country Music.

Here is a list of some of the winners and the radio stations at which they performed: KNIX at the Maricopa County Fair on 4/14/07-Winner: Ashley Allison. KFPB-held on 8/5/07 in Prescott Valley-Winner: Joe Panther from Scottsdale.KZUA-held on 7/4/07 in Show Low-Winner: Michael Morse. KAZM-held on 7/7/07 in Sedona-Winner: Mary Hoffman from Queen Creek. My special thanks to radio station KAZM in Sedona (who received the most contestant applications) for their time and help; Special Promotions, Inc. in Nashville for their help.

The Paul Bunyon Lumberjack Show (Sponsored by Galpin Ford) 

Remember those child-hood tales you heard of Paul Bunyon, the super-tall, super-strong lumberjack that boys wanted to be like and girls wanted to marry? I do, and when I saw the name of this act, it had me stumped as to what the show could be about, except for...wood? It turns out that's right! So, how can people perform with wood, and be interesting? After speaking with show owner Lee LeCaptain, I understood. There are a lot of cool things that can be done with wood and logs! For instance, you can "underhand chop," or "cross-cut saw," or how about good ol' log rolling? And let's not forget the chainsaw cutting (including using a "dragster"), or axe throwing! Trust me, there is a LOT more than that.

Coming to the Yavapai County Fair from three different states, they are bringing their 3-man act, which runs about a half hour. It's comprised of Lee from ST. Cloud, Florida; Bill McGary from Lewiston, Idaho; Ron Kordonowy from Phoenix, AZ. The competing lumberjacks, also known as "ironjacks," have won many titles. They provide timber history (complete with historical lumberjack garb), through good, raw entertainment. Lee knows wood - he has been doing these types of shows for over thirty years! So, ladies, visit the web site to figure out what all the jargon means and what the tools look like, and get your guys and kids on down to see The Lumberjack Show. I'll be there...after all, it's Paul Bunyon!

Jam Fest

Sponsored by 967-The Wolf radio station in Prescott, and with the help of coordinator Junior Gonzalez, this event brings downhome, Prescott-style country & rock bands together. It's designed to rock you and make you want to dance! So, when the kids are twirling upside down and you're tired of walking around, get some food and listen in to one or all following:

Photo Courtesy of the Ripptones


The Ripptones are a popular Prescott area band playing Blues, R & B, Classic Rock, as well as original material. Anchored by Corey Burke's strong vocal presence and Ed Flaherty's blazing guitar, The Ripptones enjoy engaging the crowd with their sense of humor and solid grooves.Steve Tansey, drums and vocals, and David Girardin, bass, complete the line-up for The Ripptones.



Photo courtesy of the Karma Band

Karma is a mixture of country and classic rock. Barbara Brown does the lead vocals & keys. Steve Morrison does the guitar & vocals. Larry Lee plays bass guitar & does some vocals. Mark Gerard is the drummer & does vocals. Jud Brown handles sound & lights.




Photo courtesy of Truley Reckless

Truley Reckless found their niche in classic rock and country 15 years ago (except for Rick and Ray, who have been on for two years now).They are made up of (left to right on photo), Rick, on the bass (with some vocals), Ray, the drummer, John, lead singer/guitarist, and Marty, as the lead guitarist/background vocals. 


Photo courtesy of Arizona Territory

Arizona Territory is Danny Romero, who does lead vocals and rhythm guitar, is the front man, extraordinaire; Paul Lafortune is bass and backup vocals and is an all around nice guy; Sky Conwell is the lead guitarist, and plays anything else with strings; Steve "THE GUN" Tansey is on the drums; Jeff Bottomley works the pedal steel and guitar. They are quite diverse in their musical styles, sometimes doing country and western, rockabilly, surf music and what they affectionately call "Cow Punk." They play with high energy and often go off-list of their 130 song repertoire. They play to and for their audiences, who are amply rewarded. They have played all over Northern Arizona, and their love of music and playing as a band is easy to hear.


Photo courtesy of Double Take

Freddy Lombardo, the band's drummer and spokesman says, "We pride ourselves on playing music you won't hear anywhere else." Their"eclectic, electric rock n roll" rocks on songs done by some of the 70s and 80s best artists, such as: Creedence Clearwater Revival (my favorite) - Cheap Trick - David Bowie - Elvis Presley - Foreigner - Joe Walsh - Led Zeppelin - Bob Seger - Lynyrd Skynyrd, just to name a few! If you liked it back then, odds are they sing it now. The two other band members are: Chris "The Corruptor" Edwards who does the lead vocals and bass, and Dean "Sgt. Rock" Brenna who plays guitar and does vocals. "Fast Freddy" grew up as a kid on Long Island playing trumpet, and ended up here in 1997, playing drums! "The Corruptor" has over 18 years' experience in the field of music between playing and writing/arranging. "Sgt. Rock" who is from San Diego, apparently remains a mystery at this time - ask Freddie what that means!

Photo courtesy of Shaky Ground.

Playing now for just 1 year and 9 months, this up and coming band specializes in classic rock. The band is made up of lead singer Lise Schoening, Junior Gonzales, and three other members.



This My Space web site is actually the best way to figure out what this band is about! So far, I have figured out that they are into the biker scene, play 80's hard (really hard) rock, and consider themselves "hooligans!" There are some, hmmmm, rather interesting pixes on the site, but, don't say I didn't warn you! It is NOT rated G, or even PG, and not for the light hearted! You know who you are... If you become their 15 "friend" though, they might just be YOUR fan! Band members are: Chris, guitarist/vocals; Greg, guitarist/vocals, Tim on drums, and Royce, lead singer. Now, this is what diversity in our community is all about! *On a serious note*, I did manage to track some blogs from the site about things that "biker people" are doing for good causes around the area.

Photo courtesy of the Neon Raiders.

The Neon Raiders' unique sound comes from a line up that has been the heart and soul of the group for seven years. From Prescott, David Martinez on bass and vocals and Bert Springer on lead guitar and vocals. From the Verde Valley comes drummer Clay Harper and on harmonica, guitar and vocals, Randy Hanna. The Neon Raiders play pure classic rock of the late 60's through the early 80's. From Left to right (on photo)-Randy Hanna, David Martinez, Clay Harper (drums), Bert Springer.

BIG kudos of appreciation to Sharon Fischer, the Fair Entertainment Director, for guiding me! Didn't she get us some outstanding performers?


Gate Opens: Thursday, Sept. 20th 10:00-10:00

Carnival opens at 4:00.

Friday, Saturday
, 9:00-10:00. Carnival opens at 11:00.

Sunday, 9:00-4:00.

, kids are free, seniors are half price, adults are 6.00.

Thursday, mom/dad ride free with ticketed child. Individual ride tickets are 1.50 each, with most rides taking between 1-3 tickets.


FRIDAY, September 21 

7:00 - 7:45-DOUBLE TAKE

8:00 TO 8:45-KARMA




SATURDAY, September 22

7:00 TO 7:45-RIPPTONES 

8:00 - 8:45-SHAKY GROUND

9:00 - 9:45-THROTTLE

10:00 - 10:45-NEON RAIDERS





Cooks Racing Pigs-always at the Food Court: 11a, 1p, 3p, 5p, 7p.

Michael Mezmer: 7p, 8:30 p, always at the Main Stage.


Cooks Racing Pigs: 10a, 12p, 3p, 4:30p, 6:30p.

Paul Bunyon -always at the Food Court:11a 2p, 4p, 6p.

Out of Africa-at Main Stage at 4:30p.

Michael Mezmer: 6:30p, 8:30p.


Cooks Racing Pigs: 11:00, 1p. 3p, 4:30, 7p.

Paul Bunyon: 1p, 2p, 4, 6p.

Out of Africa at The New Stage: 3:30p.

Michael Mezmer: 6:30.

Colgate Country Show Down at Main Stage: 1:00 pm.


Paul Bunyon: 10a, 12p, 2p.

Cooks Racing Pigs: 11a, 1p, 3p.

Out of Africa at The New Stage: 1:30p.




At this web site for the Yavapai County Fair, you will find information on Fair Books, plus all of the entry descriptions with entry lot numbers, and deadline dates.

Facility Address:

10401 Highway 89A
Prescott Valley, AZ 8631