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Lunch & Learn at the Prescott Athletic Club

03 January 2017   Christy Foote | Core Nutrition Coach

You Know You’re Going to Make a Resolution This Year….

Make This One That Will Stick and You’ll Love the Results Come Summer!

Don’t you wish you had the same metabolism you had when you were 16?!  Me too.  Even though our bodies are programmed to slow down, doesn’t me we have to sit back and let it take over though!  There are a lot of small habits you can create to boost your metabolism and get it to burn more calories.  

I will be teaching these ways to boost your metabolism at the Prescott Athletic Club, January 12th!  Please come and join others for a fun Lunch and Learn.  You can eat a yummy salad and learn how to restart your metabolism in 2017! 

Sign up for the Lunch and Learn featuring Christy Foote, a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, who will teach you ways to reset your metabolism:

Where: Courtside Cafe inside Prescott Athletic Club.  

When: Thursday, January 12th, 11:00-12:00pm

Cost: $13 a person, which includes a nutritious salad!

Email:, call 928-899-3550, or sign up at Prescott Athletic Club by January 8th.