Today: Feb 20 , 2020

Bill's Newscast: What to Do About PSPRS

Councilwoman Billie Orr talks about PSPRS.

It's time for the Prescott City Council marathon. Starts at 1 PM at City Hall. Don't forget, there is extra parking available on Council meeting days. 

There's a study session on PSPRS, which starts at 1 PM. And a voting meeting at 3. Don't forget, extra parking is available in the City parking lot!

It happens every year: Someone gets stuck in flooded roadways.

The City of Prescott is looking at $81M in unfunded liabilities.

How to raise money for PSPRS? That’s the question being considered.

Arizona Supreme Court strikes PSPRS Reforms

PSPRS still expected to save $475 million due to 2016 law, referendum

Council decides today whether or not to place tax measure on ballot. 

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