Today: Feb 19 , 2020

Campbell & Stringer to Hold Town Hall

Representatives Campbell and Stringer to Hold Town Hall in Prescott

Moving forward with the Event Center.

Opinion: Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

Simply ignoring the issue won’t make it go away. 

Opinion: About the PSPRS Payments

About the challenges of PSPRS and the unfunded liability. 

Opinion: Prop 443 is Our Only Hope Toward Solvency

Former Senate President says Prescott can’t wait.

Opinion: PSPRS Looms Over Many Arizona Cities

Mayor Oberg joins with 18 other mayors in Arizona to ask Governor Ducey for help. 

PSPRS: Worth Focusing On

PSPRS is not an exclusive predicament for Prescott.

Speaker Mesnard Announces Creation of House Ad Hoc Committee on PSPRS

Why Prop 443 is needed to pay the bill. 

Boy Scouts examine the facts of PSPRS. 

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