Today: May 25 , 2020

In Memory of Kathleen Yamauchi

30 March 2018   Trish Mengarelli, 13

Kathleen was a very special friend, mother and associate...


Kathleen Yamauchi died on March 27, 2018. 

Kathleen was a wonderful person, a follower of Christ, a very hard worker, and very welcoming to people. 

'It has never been our intention to be the biggest… Only the best!" said Kathleen on her realty website

According to Sheila Mengarelli, who worked with Kathleen, "She was a hard worker and she never gave up. She always kept on trying." 

Even as Kathleen battled and fought her disease, she continued to be encouraging to everyone else. She treated everyone as a best friend and like family. 

She will be dearly missed by the people who knew and loved her. 


Editor’s Note: This was written by Sheila Mengarelli’s daughter, Trish, who also loved Kathleen very much.

Instead of flowers, Kathleen's family is requesting donations be sent to some of the charities that Kathleen was involved with. They include the Community Pregnancy Center, Prescott Women’s Shelter or Global Footprint.