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Prescott Sunrise Lions (and Dr. Bundy) Bring New Vision to Local Student

08 February 2018   Premiere Eye Center

He had to have books read to him, because he couldn’t see the words. Now he hopes to get a scholarship.

When a local 17 year old high school junior couldn't see, he began to visit multiple doctors until he wound up in the office of Dr. Jon Bundy, OD of Premier Eye Center.

As Secretary of the Prescott Sunrise Lions Club, Dr. Bundy was confident he could help. He knew one of the club's main missions is to help take care of the eyesight needs of kids in Yavapai County. Typically that means exams and glasses, but occasionally a special case comes up requiring much more.

This young man needed "scleral" lenses; a highly complicated and highly customized solution. As of the time this video was taken Dr. Bundy is the only eye care provider in Yavapai County who fits scleral lenses.

The Prescott Sunrise Lions Board jumped at the opportunity and this was truly a match made in heaven.

The Prescott Sunrise Lions Club is an Arizona qualifying tax credit charity meaning an individual can donate $400 and a couple $800 in tax credit funds. All giving is federal tax deductible. For more info, please visit

For more info on scleral lenses please the Prescott Eye Doctor site.