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Shop with a Cop: Making 120 Kids Very Happy!

17 December 2017  

It was a magical day for a bunch of local kids.

If you heard a LOT of sirens Saturday morning around 7:30 AM, hopefully it wasn’t worrisome. Because, unlike most times sirens blare through the streets, this was a time of rejoicing for nearly 120 kids, who were on the adventure of their young lives.

Yes, Saturday was, “Shop with a Cop” day. Twelve local law enforcement agencies participated in this annual event, making sure some special local kids have a great Christmas.

The day started early. Officers began arriving around 6 AM at the Prescott Valley Library, which was the launching point for the Shop with a Cop day.

You knew it would be a fantastic morning with a sunrise like this!

Soon, over a hundred kids arrived only to be placed into a vehicle with their new special friend. Most of the kids enjoyed making the lights flash and sirens blast and talking over the PA system in their car.

Next stop: Walmart! This year the destination was on Gail Gardner. They didn’t know it, but cheerleaders from Bradshaw Mountain and Prescott High Schools were already waiting and ready to help as needed (after checking their phones, of course.)

There was no subtlety about this arrival! Listening to over 100 police sirens certainly got everyone’s attention.

Buckets, from the NAZ Suns, was anxious to greet the arrivals.

But, wait! What’s that? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Santa Claus arriving in a helicopter. (The reindeer are busy practicing and resting up for the Big Day next week.)

After hugs with Santa,

…It was time for a group picture.

Then, (finally!) it was off to the task at hand: Shopping!

If you weren’t able to be there (it was pretty early for a Saturday morning!), here’s the video to enjoy:

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