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Prescott Sunrise Lions: New Vision for India

27 December 2016   Lynne LaMaster

Every year, Prescott Optometrist Dr. Jon Bundy goes on a medical mission trip to Cambodia to help bring eye care to those in need.

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Although there aren’t many people who actually go to Cambodia with Dr. Bundy, he has a whole team of supporters here in our community: The Prescott Sunrise Lions. Two years ago, when Dr. Bundy was in Cambodia, they met a young girl named India, the daughter of missionaries in Phnom Penh that work for an anti-trafficking non-governmental organization (NGO).

Since birth, India had a severe cross-eyed condition. It was easily fixable, but the cost was beyond the means of her missionary parents.

Dr. Bundy approached the Sunrise Lions Board asking if they would be willing to help. There was no hesitation, as the Immediate Past President Lion Tony Humphrey responded, "As Lions we take care of vision. As Prescott Sunrise Lions we help children. This is what we do.”

The Prescott Lions Board approved a $4000 grant that night to help India’s family, which covered about 80% of the costs of the procedure.

 Last week, India and her family (Mom, Dad and 4-year-old twin siblings) arrived in Orlando to spend the holidays with her grandparents. The day after her arrival in the United States, India and her doctor had a consultation, with the resulting surgery the very next day. The surgery was successful, and she is recovering as expected.

Dr. Bundy and his wife Stacy will once again trek to Cambodia in January with about 1000 pairs of eyeglasses, and he’ll do a follow-up evaluation of India while he’s there.

“This is life changing,” Bundy said. “Life is tough enough for a young girl without an eye that points at her nose. It was noticeable to everyone from across the room. Of course her visual functioning will be greatly improved as well.”

As the Sunrise Lions explained on their Facebook page, "Sometimes we Lions wonder why we continue to go out into the cold mornings to recycle newspaper for a club project. [This is the] wonderful result of our work. After all, this is what Lions do.”

Although contributions to causes like this don’t qualify for the Arizona tax credit, they do allow the Lions to spend their newspaper and other income on similar projects. If you are an Arizona resident and would like to donate, go to the Sunrise Lions website for more information.