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Sedona Film Festival

Sedona was the place to be for aspiring film makers, writers, and just plain lovers of the art of movie making, this weekend.

60th Annual Kiwanis Auction

It's that time of year again, time to gather forces for the youth of our communities! "This year marks the 60th anniversary of a local tradition that has become a much anticipated event for our community," says Ken Foote, 2008 Kiwanis Auction Chair.
It's fun, it's delicious, it's the Monday night Dinner Theater at the historic Palace Restaurant and Saloon.
Imagine - 50 million pages of historical documents, consisting of files lining 16 miles of shelving, located in 6 different buildings. And the pages are all kept secret from the world - until now.


Breathtaking. When you reluctantly leave your seat after watching the group “DRUM!” that’s all you can think of as the presentation of music, dance, and incredible drums runs through your head.

krisneri2.jpg Award-winning author and writing instructor Kris Neri will share the tricks of using pace as a tool to engage readers and keep them riveted when the Professional Writers of Prescott meet at 7 PM, Wednesday, January 23 in the Founders Suite of the Prescott Public Library.