Today: Feb 20 , 2020


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After Representative David Stringer’s resignation from the House, 426 pages of documents are released from the Ethics Committee.

"Somehow free speech is seen as a threat."

Opinion: Stringer & the Prescott City Council

Was it speech or behavior?

Opinion: What to Do About David Stringer?

Much of Arizona is outraged about David Stringer. So, now what?

The City Council will make a statement on Representative David Stringer’s recent comments.

Opinion: What Were the Yavapai Republicans Thinking?

 What in the world were the leaders of Yavapai Republicans thinking? 

The Yavapai Republican Executive Committee has joined the bandwagon in asking for Arizona David Stringer’s resignation from the Arizona Legislature and stepping aside in the election. 

Stringer tops LD1 candidates in nominating petitions. 

Representatives Noel Campbell and David Stringer are sponsoring a series of Town Hall meetings. 

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